• motion sensitive silent alarm system

  • managed from almost any mobile phone

  • GPS location on GoogleMaps

  • 7-10 day battery (between charges)

  • No Wiring

  • No Subscription


Motocross,125cc and Scooters are prime for thieves

Motocross, 125cc and Scooters are becoming easy prey for thieves. They are light and easily picked up or rolled away.

It is a fact that 2 men with a van can steal a Motocross, 125cc or Scooter in less than a minute, so it is vital you never rely on a single security device.

The ideal scenario is a mechanical lock and chained to a fixed object, combined with a Silent Alarm Tracker. Therefore as they start to attack the mechanical devices, the owner gets an alert to their phone.

Motocross, 125cc and Scooters are often stripped down quickly for parts.

Relying exclusively on an "after theft tracker" alone is not good enough.

Many bikes are stripped for parts, a tracker will be found no matter how well it is hidden. So preventing the theft in the first instance and reacting quickly is the key.



The SECUREAUTOTRACK system tells you immediately your bike is being interfered with. Giving you the opportunity to act immediately before the thieves have got too far.

Parking your Scooter

Most of Scooters and 125cc small motor bikes are used as daily transport.

Returning after work to find your bike has gone, giving the thieves a 6-8 hour advantage is too late.

Parking your scooter or 125cc in the same place every day, whilst at work or college is very dangerous. Thieves often scout locations prior to a theft.

If they know a bike or scooter is parked in the same place every working day for 6-8 hrs, thieves are able to steal it shortly after it is parked up, they know the owner will have no idea it is gone for hours.

Our alarm tracker unit is designed to pick up the first signs of interference, alerting the owner.



Being so small, in order to save on battery usage, the power of the radio transmissions has been deliberately reduced to 27db (normal phone/tracker 33db), thereby it is intended for use outside buildings, where cell masts and GPS line of sight of the sky is un-interrupted.

The text message the unit sends has a link to Google maps which shows the location of your vehicle. Setting the unit in Monitor Mode and calling it will turn on the internal microphone.




Thieves steal DUCATI PANIGALE using Portable GRINDER!!!

Notice how the alarm is going off, people are walking by - if only the owner had got a message to his mobile phone!




Motocross and Scooters can vary enormously, as such when we install we tailor the product to best suit your bike.

If you are having a Motocross or Scooter tracker as a condition of your insurance company please check with them to ensure they are happy for a non-contract unit to be fitted.

Motocross and Scooter Tracker installation areas covered:
Staffordshire, West Midlands,Shropshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire -including:
Stafford, Stone, Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle under Lyme, Uttoxeter, Burton upon Trent, Market Drayton, Rugeley, Cannock, Lichfield, Birmingham Tamworth, Penkridge, Sutton Coldfield, Telford, Newport, Walsall, Wolverhampton. Leek Buxton Manchester, Chester, Liverpool, Derby, Nottingham, Coventy, Rugby - Other areas available by application.


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The beauty of the
Motorcross, 125cc and Scooter tracker system
is that it doesn't matter
if someone has stolen
your keys, if they have
hotwired, or even towed your vehicle.

The Motorcross and Scooter tracker recognises
the movement and
tells you immediately.
The system doesn't rely
on your existing security or alarm system.
Any would-be thieves,
that have got around the
bike's security, would have no idea you know the vehicle is
being interfered with
and can track where they are taking it.

Now available to buy on-line for self install

To find out more to order a motorcylce tracker installation contact us
or call
01785 336308


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