Wouldn't it be nice to know where your luggage is,
even if the airline doesn't?

How many times do you hear about luggage missing connections or going to the wrong places? Wouldn't it be nice to know that if you are jetting off to some foreign place and your luggage doesn't materialise on the arrivals carousel, a text message to your luggage and it will tell you
exactly where it is. At least if you know it is in Paris and you are in New York, there is no point waiting for it any longer, might as well go to the Airline desk and reort it.

The unit has a 7 day battery life and is designed to go to sleep when not being interrogated. It will sit in your luggage completely inert, effectively in "airplane mode", not transmitting until it is
asked to respond.

While you are away, the unit can also be placed with any valuables you might have in your hotel accommodation, the motion sensor can be armed providing you with the peace of mind that if anyone disturbs your valuables that you will get an alarm message immediately.

Don't travel without one!

Now Providing ALPHA-DOT security marking


ONLY £20.99

supplied with any Trackerl


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