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For people living with, or caring for those with, Dementia or Alzheimers nothing is more distressing than when a loved one doesn’t return home when expected or goes missing.

It is widely accepted that, certainly in the early days of Dementia, that sufferers should have minimal change to their life and environment.

Staying where they have always lived, with the people and area they know is much less stressful than being moved out of area to be closer to other family members or into care.

Allowing sufferers a degree of independence can be beneficial to all.

In the past this has not always been possible because there is a possibility, whilst out, the sufferer may become confused.

This scenario is very common and many local authorities have implemented something called the "Herbert Protocol".

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme that encourages carers, families and friends of those suffering Dementia or Alzheimers and other conditions, to register them so in the event they go missing they can be found more easily.

In this day of technological advancement you'd have thought there would be something that might help.

Movies portray secret agents with subcutaneous trackers implants, but the reality is far from this.

Up-to-now the biggest difficulty has been to miniaturize the technology into something small enough to be carried about the person easily, have a good battery life and have the accuracy to be able to pinpoint exactly anywhere in the world.

The product now exists that satisfies the specification. We can provide a vulnerable adult tracker which, along side with the Herbert Protocol, can make a real difference to the peace of mind of those caring for vulnerable adults and those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers.

The vulnerable adult / alzheimer's tracker is used in conjunction with a carer giver's mobile phone, whether that be spouse, family, friend or professional carer. There are no call centres or 3rd parties involved, thereby the running costs are minimal. In normal use £0.30/day is typical,
though this can vary according to network availability and frequency of use.

Small physical size:The unit measure 45mm x 45mm x 15mm and weighs approx 33g.

Long battery life: From it's 500mAh internal battery, the unit can last 1-3 days between charges.

Accurate on demand tracking: Location overlaid onto GoogleMaps. Accuracy can be as close as 5mtrs and can work internationally if required.

SOS feature: The concave button on the front of the vulnerable adult alzheimer's tracker is an SOS button. Pressing it will send messages to the control phone, along with a one way phone call, enabling carers to listen to activity around tracker.

Audible monitor: a carer calling the unit, it will open the inbuilt microphone.

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  Price is NO CONTRACT. Suggested network CoOp Mobile PAYG,
. See providers T's&C's. Required top up £10 every 6 months to keep SIM active.

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Vulnerable Adult / Alzheimer's Tracker is a unique device giving carers the reassurance to allow vulnerable adults an element of independence.

Main Features:

  • Small physical size
  • Accurate on demand location
  • long battery life
  • SOS feature
  • audible monitor

Now available to buy on-line for self install

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